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You've Got Questions? We got Answers!



What are Posh Fit meals? Posh Fit meals are a part of The Posh Kitchen meal delivery service. We offer a traditional meal plan that is a healthy mix of delicious meals that you can eat at your convenience. This plan can be used for maintenance, weight loss, and in some cases, for weight gain. This plan offers great variety and always keeps you excited for your next meal. Our meals are made fresh and are very low in sodium – with added spices and herbs to give food great flavor. Every meal is 500 calories or less, consisting of 30g of protein, and 30g of fibrous vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.

Ordering FAQ


How it Works?

Its easy as 1, 2, 3! First, go to our order page "Order PoshFit" and fill out the form with all necessary information. Once we receive form we will send a PayPal invoice directly to email. To save time most invoices are sent collectively on Friday. You have until Saturday noon to pay invoice for Monday delivery. 

Finally, we will confirm payment, any menu requests and arrange your delicious delivery right at your door. If you order a custom meal plan your menu wil be sent to you via email by Sunday for confirmation. Our healhty mix menu can always be found on our site under the "Menu" tab.


Is there a signup deadline?

We want you to get started on your healthy meal plan as soon as possible. But because all meals are prepared fresh we set a deadline to guarantee freshness. All orders must be confirmed by Saturday 12 noon. You will receive your PoshFit meal prep the following Monday. Orders placed after the deadline will start the following Monday. 


What are my payment options?

 PoshFit meal delivery is a weekly recurring service and you can make payments via credit/debit card.  You can choose weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payment options. If you need to put a hold on your service for whatever reason please email us at  with your name and email.


What do I do if I go out of town?

We understand the need for business trips and vacations so if you’re heading out of town just email us with your name, client id, email and your last desired delivery date.  Once you’re back in town just contact us via phone or email and we will restart your service.


Can I signup more than one person?

Yes. If your a couple whom live in the same house there is no need to fill out form for each person. However, if you live at two different addreses or consist of multiple people with various plans and needs it is required each person fill out form separately so there is no confusion with orders. 


Do we have a referral service?

Yes we do!! We appreciate all our clients and are constantly looking for ways to make them happier.  We love referrals and to show our appreciation we offer $10.00 off with each referral.  To ensure you receive your credit please have your family/friends put your client id and/or name and email in the referral section of order form and you will be credited on next invoice.



Meal FAQ


What do your meals consist of? Are your meal plans calorie based?

Our meals are made up of healthy mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fats.  They are low in salt and with no added preservatives or processed ingredients.  Our meals are created to fit any calorie plan. Because we offer breakfast as additional plan we don’t offer daily calorie meal plans. We like to give the customer the option to make their own breakfast if they desire. However. our meals are tailored to fit into any calorie based diet. Lunch options are between 300-400 calories and dinner entrees are between 450-600 calories.  Snacks are 100-250 calories.




Do you offer vegetarian, gluten free or specialty diet plans?

Yes we do! We offer both vegetarian and vegan meal plans. Please email us for current weekly menu. If you have a special diet request please email us at to discuss your options.


How do I customize my plans?

If you would like a customized meal plan please email us at so we can discuss your options.


Do you offer substitutions?

Because we make our food fresh on a weekly rotation we can’t honor certain substitutions. However, we will omit any food ingredients that you dislike. If you would like to substitute a certain ingredient it may incur an additional charge. But we offer most changes complimentary with no additional fee. If you prefer to customize your meals please email us to view our custom meal plan. Our custom meal plan allows customers to create five different entrees, you'll get to pick your own protein, healthy carb , vegetable and preparation style. We have plenty of options to choose from. (you will receive 2 of each entree for a total of 10 meals)


How do I know what meals to eat?

You can eat meals at your own pace in whatever order you desire! It's all up to you! But keep in mind certain meals should be eaten earlier to guarantee freshness. For examples, any salads, wraps or fresh fruits should be eaten earlier in the week then later. If you can’t eat them you can freeze them but no longer then 2 weeks. Keep in mind Posh Fit meal prep is best eaten fresh!


How do I reheat my meals?

Meals are pre cooked and packaged in microwaveable containers.  In your delicious delivery, you will receive reheating instructions.  If you would like to re-heat meals in oven remove food from containers, place in a oven safe dish , and cook in 400 degree oven until heated through. You can also re-heat meals in the microwave but be mindful of your time because you can overcook meals if heated in microwave too long. It is suggested to start at 2-3 mins and gauge your time from there as microwave ovens vary. Its best to remove proteins and reheat them separately to avoid drying them out in the microwave. Best method to reheat protein is to warm up in saute pan with water, stock or sauce to reconstitute moisture in chilled proteins. This method can also be done in the microwave and works best when meat is sliced or cut up prior to reheating. Snacks can be eaten cold or heated according to instructions.


Do you offer breakfast?

Yes we do. Breakfast can be ordered a la carte at $32.50 for 5 meals. 

Delivery FAQ


Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the Metro Atlanta area and to most outside counties. Addresses more then 30 miles from the perimeter will incur additional delivery charges. We deliver to home, office and gym locations.


What are your delivery times?

We deliver on Monday evening from 6-12 midnight.


When are meals cooked?

All meals are cooked fresh on Monday mornings. We don't cook them prior and hold them until Monday.


How are my meals delivered?

Meals are delivered in recyclable microwave safe containers that may include any reheating information. If you require a drop off service your meals will be packed in a cooler with ice packs and left at your door. Cooler and ice packs must be left out for delivery driver to pickup at next delivery date. Unreturned items will include a $15 charge. If you don’t want your meals dropped off please email us to set up an in -person delivery time.



What if I live in a gated community?

  You can provide gate information on order form or notify conceirge so they know we are coming! Also you can choose drop off service and your delicious meals will be waiting for you at your door.






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