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Personal Chef Service

Imagine your a NBA/NFL player or pro athlete with intensive training during off season. You need to be on a schedule with your meals so your body can recover from training. During the season you need to fuel your body with nutritious food for peak performance. Or your a busy parent with a full day of work and by 5 pm you're exhausted. You just want to come home and relax, but there's one thing standing in your way: "What To Eat?"

That's where I come in. As a personal chef, I offer in-home cooking and custom chef delivery plans for busy professionals just like you. My goal is to make your life easier by taking care of the chore of cooking. Instead, you can focus on what really matters: spending time with your family, focusing on your career, or simply relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

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Should You Hire a Personal Chef?

Are You One of The Following?

  •  Entrepreneurs & Busy Professionals with a hectic schedule with no time to cook, tired of eating out, but want to eat healthier.

  • Pro Athlete who needs meals to optimize your performance on and off season.

  • New moms who need nutritious meals while balancing motherhood.

  • Individuals who have dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, who need help navigating specialty diets.

  • Families who want homecooked meals without the stress of cooking and meal planning.

  • Persons recovering from a injury or illness or serious health concerns like diabetes, heart issues, or autoimmune diseases with limited mobility or skills to cook.

Reasons You May Need a Personal Chef

  • You are a NBA/NFL/MLB player or pro athlete who needs a private chef for you and your family. To ease the stress from your busy lifestyle and career.

  • You are working parents with a hectic schedule who don't have time for grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking meals for your family.

  • Cooking just isn't for you. You have no desire or time to cook.

  • You're on a specialty diet and you struggle with meal planning. 

  • You find yourself eating out way more then you like and you're ready for a change.

  • Your diet sucks! You've gained weight and your health is in bad shape.

  • You desire healthy, homecooked, nutritious food customized for you. Not a run of the mill meal prep company.

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How Does It Work?

As your personal chef, I create a customized menu based on your health goals. My wellness packages are tailored to your current health and desired outcome. I approach cooking as a holistic healing practice, using food and plant medicine to nourish the body. Getting started is simple and quick when you work with me. We understand that each client has unique needs when it comes to their meals. That's why we offer a variety of options to fit your lifestyle.


Select Your Plan

Premium Personal Chef: If you prefer the convenience of having your meals prepared in your own kitchen to eat throughout the week, our premium personal chef service is the perfect choice.

Luxe Private Chef: This service is perfect for those who wants a chef to come to their home and prepare daily meals. This in-home service is particularly popular with athletes and clients who desire exclusivity in their home.


Custom Chef Concierge: For those who prefer the convenience of meal delivery, our Chef Concierge service is a great option. Our chefs will create customized delicious & healthy meals then deliver them straight to your door.

Chef Dinner Plan: Is a weekly dinner service. This plan is ideal for busy clients who don't have time to cook dinner on weeknights, but still want to enjoy the luxury of a chef-prepared meal served at your dinner table. Includes one family style served dinner with choice of one lunch or dinner meal prep to enjoy for the next day.

Menu Curation

When you sign up as a client you will fill out our questionnaire so I can have an idea of your likes, dislikes, etc. Then I utilize my extensive culinary knowledge to create a personalized meal plan tailored to you and/or family requirements. I take into account any dietary restrictions, and preferences when developing your menu. Menus are created specifically for you to choose from. We create weekly menus so you're never bored with our food. I prioritize using clean ingredients, with global flavors, to create meals that are both tasty & healthy. Whether you're looking to achieve specific health goals or simply want to enjoy delicious, home cooked meals, I am committed to providing you with restaurant quality meals at home.

What's Included?

When you sign up for our personal chef service, you can expect a comprehensive package that includes menu consultation, planning, cooking, grocery shopping, preparation, and cleanup. In home service includes pantry organization and kitchen clean up, ensuring that your kitchen is left in pristine condition after each service. Please note that our chef service do not include food, which will be billed separately for each service. Grocery costs vary depending on your meal plans, preferred stores, and grocery preferences. (organic, conventional, grass fed, etc)

How Do You Become A Client?

  1. Choose your plan based on you and/your family needs.

  2. Pay your bi-weekly or monthly invoice and sign our service agreement.

  3. We will send you a menu questionnaire to build your client profile. Information about your allergies, likes and dislikes, portion sizes, special diets, favorite cuisines, etc.

  4. Based on your responses, we will create a custom menu for you to choose from.

  5. Select your desired meals from the menu and email us your choices.

  6. We will set up a delivery or cook date.

  7. You will receive a custom menu weekly and have the choice to adjust your plan throughout the month to fit your needs.

Next Step: 

Click the schedule call button to discuss becoming a client.

In Home Service

Premium Personal Chef - starts at $400  per cook date

Luxe Private Chef- starts at $475 per cook date

Dinner Chef Plan - starts at $325 per week

*Prices do not include groceries

*Specialty diets are subject to different pricing

* All services are customized per client.

*Must sign up for a monthly plan.

*Clients interested in multiple cook dates per week are subject to an adjustable rate.

Delivery Service

 Family Style
$325 (3 entrees) 
$375 (4 entrees) 
$550 (5 entrees) - two deliveries

Entrees can serve between 2-6 people. Serving sizes can be adjusted per client/family. Meals are packaged in family style reusable containers. Additional servings may incur different pricing.
This is best for couples and families.


Individual Style

Prices start at:
$350 (10 meals) 5 entrees
$425 (12 meals) 6 entrees two deliveries 
$550 (14 meals) - 7 entrees- two deliveries 
Total meal count includes two of each entrée. Entrees are packaged in individual meal prep containers. 
This plan is good for a single person or a couple who can share meals together. Two day delivery is additional $50.00 if not included.

Add On- (5) Lunch or Breakfast Plan- Starts at $175
(5) Snacks- Starts at $150 
you will receive two of each for a total of 10 lunches or snacks

Either family or individual can be a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Groceries and tax are not included. You have the option to do one trial week. After that, you must sign up for a monthly plan.

The Difference between Hiring a Personal Chef vs. Meal Prep

Personalized menus: A personal chef creates menus specifically tailored to your individual dietary needs and taste preferences, whereas meal delivery companies typically have set menus that may not be customizable. 

Customizable options: With a personal chef, you have the flexibility to customize your meals, make changes to the menu, and provide feedback, whereas meal delivery companies offer pre-made meals that cannot be altered.

Higher quality ingredients and freshness: Personal chefs use fresh, high-quality ingredients to prepare your meals on-site, ensuring that your food is always fresh and of the highest quality, while meal delivery companies may use lower quality ingredients, preservatives, and meals maybe frozen or shipped across states. Our meals are made the same day of service. 


Full-service experience: A personal chef offers a full-service experience, including in home cooking, menu planning, and grocery shopping services, while meal delivery companies only offer meal delivery services.

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