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Cooking Class

Cooking Classes

Posh Cooking Classes

Now offering virtual cooking classes

People always tell me "I can't cook. I can only cook two things." "How do I cook a steak? What can I cook thats healthy besides salads? What can I cook special for my spouse? Now at The Posh Kitchen we offer in-home an virtual cooking lessons for individuals, couples, and groups. Each month brings new classes to teach you about various cooking topics from classical french cuisine, international and island fare, fresh healthy menu ideas, down home comfort food and giving you cooking basics with modern menu ideas. For more private teachings we offer personal cooking classes by the hour. We also have our own specialized classes that are fun and enjoyable for birthdays, kids parties, girls night, couples, and any social gathering where food and fun is combined! Contact us for class scheduling, rates, and booking. 

Cooking wiith Grandma

Crazy. Sexy. Spicy !

Cooking Class


This fun class is a delicious choice for women who want to have a girls night out or a fun get together. Chef Gera teaches you how to prepare a gourmet meal that you and your girls can prepare at home. This class teaches beautiful women how to make beautiful food. So call your girlfriends lets learn how to cook  Crazy, Sexy, and Spicy! 

Cook. Date. Love 


They say the key to a mans heart is through his stomach. And in my experience, I can attest there is truth to that old saying. Men love a woman who can cook and its not about preparing an extravagant gourmet meal but more about the thought and affection behind it. It makes a man feel safe, comfortable, nurtured and most of all loved. But if your a woman who can't cook where does that leave you? Possibly with burnt meatloafs and overcooked vegetables, pulling out old cookbooks to just guide you through the night. But no fear this cooking class is perfect for any woman who wants to learn how to cook for her current/future man! Learn how to cook The Posh Kitchen love recipes and you will win his heart one meal at a time! 

* Also men if you would like to learn how to cook for the lady in your life we have you covered too! 

*Available has a personal, group or date night cooking class.

Cooking Together
Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Back To The Basics


Just that simple we going Back to the Basics baby! From how to properly use your knife, prepping vegetables and meats. Creating your own stocks and sauces. Learn about seasonings and the difference between herbs and spices. With all this new cooking info we will create an delicious meal at the end of class to show off your newfound skills! Can't boil water we got you! So let's go back to the basics baby!

Top Kid Chef 

Is your kid a cooking genuis? Does he/she love to watch food shows on tv? Why not throw a Top Kid Chef party for your child to enjoy with their friends. In the class they'll learn how to make their own custom cupcakes and more!!! Great option for birthday parties. 

Children's Cooking Class
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