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Chef Gera

Meet Chef Gera

For Chef Gera, her love for cooking started at a very young age. She’d watch Julia Child, Jacques Pepin and “Two Fat Ladies” every afternoon and be encouraged to try her hand in the kitchen. By 10 years old, she’d already perfected chicken parmesan, which her family began to request on a regular basis. 


“Cooking and enjoying food is in line with enjoying music and art,” she says. “You enjoy meals with your loved ones, and it brings happiness and joy.”


Fast forward to the professional start of her culinary career, Gera graduated from Le Cordon Bleu of Atlanta in April 2013. A few months later, she opened The Posh Kitchen, a first-class personal chef and catering business. 


“My kitchen is ‘posh’ because it’s a reflection of me and my personal style,” she says.  Posh is defined has elegant, luxury, deluxe, upscale, modern etc and I strive to have my style of cooking, events, and overall service reflect that. My food is in the top of its class.” I use the best and freshest ingredients and try to create art on the plate. "We eat with our eyes first. I want to appleal to all the senses."


The Posh Kitchen offers weekly meal services, private chef services, small-event catering services and meal delivery for business lunches and late-night dinners. Clients are guaranteed a five-star experience at their homes, offices and events.


“I want to see that I’ve brought some happiness to their life in that moment when my clients have taken their first and last bites,” she says.


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