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What is PoshFit Meal Delivery?


Are you too busy to cook healthy? Or just don’t know how? Looking to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle? The Posh Kitchen’s “Healthy Gourmet” meal delivery service is for you. As a personal chef, I am always asked by people, “how can I eat or cook healthy?” And several people say they don’t have time to meal prep.  So I created this service to help busy people to eat healthier at their convenience.  Our meals are chef-inspired, full of flavor and made fresh with no preservatives. Each meal comes with a nutrition label, heating instructions and a weekly plan to help you take advantage of the freshness of your meals.  We eliminate the need for calorie counting, recipe searching and portion weighing, meal planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up. We take care of all that and the best part is it’s conveniently packaged and delivered fresh right to your door. 


Our Menu


What makes our menu different is that we have a variety of flavorful, healthy dishes. We want to get rid of the typical bland “grilled chicken salad and baked fish” mentality. So why not try our jerk chicken salad with grilled pineapples and citrus vinaigrette or our hoisin glazed tofu with veggie brown rice? Our menu changes weekly, so you never get bored. We have tailored menus for each meal plan we offer. And of course, everything is made fresh and is full of flavor.  The meals are low in salt and made without processed or artificial ingredients. Healthy mix menu can be found       all other custom menus are emailed upon request.




Convenient: Delivered weekly to your home, office or gym and conveniently packaged to eat at home or on the go. 


Affordable: Cheaper than eating out and you save money on wasted groceries


Saves Time: Cut time on grocery shopping, cooking and overall meal prep; have extra hours in the week to dedicate to family and business


Lose Weight: Healthy meals that are geared to help lose fat and inches


Eat Healthier: Our meals are heart healthy and help you manage your weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle


Ready to Eat: These fully prepared meals help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. You’ll know what you are eating daily, and you never have to worry about what to eat




Our Meal Plans


Healthy Mix- Our most common meal plan is comprised of five entrees, two of each entree, for a total of 10 meals. This meal plan operates on our weekly menu which gives you variety of entrees, bold & delicious flavors with a healthy spin on your favorite meals. These are healthy balanced meals comprised of 4/5 oz of protein, 4oz complex carb and/or vegetable. Weekly menu sometimes includes salads and low carb options to give you low calorie lunch & dinner choices. Meals range from 400-550 calories per meal. These meals are designed for those seeking to eat healthier for overall well being and to lose or maintain weight.


Vegan/Vegetarian-  Vegan meal plan operates on a weekly menu and consists of five entrees, two of each entree, for a total of 10 meals. You receive 4/5 oz of vegan protein source and 4 oz of complex carbohydrate & vegetable. With our creative and delicious menu options this plan is great for those who are established vegans or those new to the vegan lifestyle. Featuring menu options like our Thai Sweet Potato Quinoa Veggie Bowl with peanut sauce , Hoisin Glazed Tofu with Veggie Brown Rice and Veggie Fajita Bowl with cilantro lime rice and lime crema. Our vegan menu varies between soy based meat alternatives, non-soy, or complete vegetable based entrees. Vegan meal plans are NOT cooked with any animal based products. (100% vegan)  However, vegetarian plans sometimes include dairy products ( i.e cheese, butter). Both vegan and vegetarian plans operate off the same menu but you have the choice to include/omit dairy products. (Meals range from 400-550 calories)


Alkaline (Dr. Sebi)

This meal plan operates on a weekly menu with five lunches and five dinner entrees. All meals are created from Dr. Sebi electric foods list. This a specialized and strict vegan based diet prepared and cooked according to Dr. Sebi teachings. The electric foods list consist of mucus reducing non-hybrid foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, herbs and legumes.  Dr Sebi believes disease can only exist in an acidic environment. Therefore, the alkaline diet was created to bring the human body to its natural alkaline state. This meal plan is great for those seeking a food based cleanse, those transitioning and established in the Dr.Sebi alkaline lifestyle,and those looking to prevent and manage health illness conditions.Some of our menu options include Alkaline BBQ Glazed "Meatloaf" with roasted butternut squash and spicy kale, Mango Quinoa Wild Rice Salad with strawberry basil dressing, and Kale-Callaloo Stuffed Mushrooms with sundried tomato sauce and herb quinoa. We encourage you to visit for more information. 



This meal plan is strictly a seafood and shellfish based diet with a combination of vegetarian options. Our pescatarian menu is comprised of our vegan and healthy mix menus with the protein source replaced by fish, seafood or vegetables. You will receive 5 entrees, 2 of each for a total of 10 meals. This meal plan is great for those who haved eliminated chicken, beef and pork from their diet, yet enjoy dairy products but are not ready for a vegan lifestyle. The pescatarian diet gives you more variety in meals so you're never bored or feel restricted while enjoying delicious, tasty and healthy balanced meals. It is recommended to consume no more then 12 oz of seafood due to mercury levels (plan not recommended for pregnant women) .We do our best to source only sustainable seafood for your meal plan. Some of our menu options include Blackened Salmon with praline sweet potato mash and green beans or Sweet Chilli Shrimp with garlic noodles and grilled bok choy. 



This plan is great for those requiring more protein due to their calorie intake diet and/or workout regimen. You will receive 8-10 oz of protein per each entree instead of the standard 4-5 oz. Protein-Plus is great for male clients, female clients who are training for fitness competitions, body builders or anyone seeking more protein added to their diet.


Custom Meal Plan

We specialize in custom and personalized meal plans. Our custom meal plans start at *$125.00 and you get to customize your meal plan by creating five different entrees and you'll receive 2 of each meal for a total of 10 meals. You will choose your own protein, complex carb, vegetable and preparation style from our Custom Meal Plan List. Unlike other meal prep companies, we are able to create personalized meal plans for clients, specific to your individual needs. For example, if your on a special diet like Atkins, or a doctor prescribed diet for high blood pressure, diabetes and any other health condition, even a fitness trainer designed meal plan whatever you need we can help you! Both custom and personalized plans are subject to seperate pricing.

*some items are an additional cost 



How to Get Started


1. Fill out order form and once submitted a PayPal invoice will be sent to email.

2. Pay invoice by Saturday 12pm.

3. Custom menus will be sent via email by Sunday for review.

4. Now, just arrange pick up time or wait on your delicious delivery on Monday.

5. Heat, eat and enjoy!


Ready to get started? Have questions?

Most questions can be answered on our 









PoshFit Meal Delivery



Our Mission is to provide you with yummy healthy food so you can live a healthy lifestyle. We believe if you look good , you feel good and then you're ready to do good. Eating healthy is key to living a more sustainable and wholesome life and the benefits are endless.We provide you with delicious healthy food that is delivered right to your door! Healthy eating at your convience, Made Easy! Ready To Get Started? 



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